Tenants' Rights


Housing is a human right

You have important rights as a tenant:

  • your landlord must maintain your unit and repair damage;
  • you have a right to privacy;
  • you may not be harassed or discriminated against;
  • you have a right to live in a home free of bed bugs and pests;
  • your home must comply with property standards and the Fire Code.

If you think your landlord is breaching their obligations the lawyers at McCarten Wallace Litigation can help you assess your remedies. We can assist you negotiate with your landlord and/or file applications for compensation, damages, rent reductions, fines, or various other solutions.

We believe that tenants can secure the best outcomes when they work with their neighbours. We are proud to assist tenants' associations and groups.

Low-income individuals may be eligible for assistance from legal aid clinics.

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For a consultation fee we will review lease agreements.