Reports on the Immigration Consequences
of Criminal Convictions and Sentencing


Criminal lawyers must attend to the deportation and immigration consequences of a criminal conviction. A conviction, even for a minor offence, can fundamentally and irremediably impact a client’s life. They might be found inadmissible and deported. A permanent resident may lose their status. A claim for refugee protection might be terminated. Rights to Citizenship or permanent residence applications may be lost.

Immigration consequences are variable and depend on a range of factors: the index offence, the type of underlying status, and other forms of inadmissibilities. It is important that potential consequences be put before the Crown and the sentencing Judge.

To not consider the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction on sentencing is a clear error of law.

McCarten Wallace Law will draft a comprehensive, specific, and clear report about your client’s potential immigration consequences. While each report is different, we address:

  • The effects of different criminal dispositions on immigration status and rights;
  • Options for creative sentencing to minimize exposure to immigration risks;
  • Exposure to deportation risks;
  • The range and nature of removal appeal rights a client may have access to;
  • Status remediation options; and,
  • Impact on other rights, including the ability to sponsor family members.

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